Wednesday, 2 July 2014


After a four-month selection process, 26 of our gentlemen received calls to tell them that they had been selected to take part this year in Singapore's longest-running and most prestigious men's pageant. Not a few of them were in disbelief as they found themselves added to a Whatsapp group for the finalists and organizers. Thus the journey begins!

Our 10 Senior Manhunt and 16 Manhunt Singapore finalists gathered on 8 March 2014 at the Beam Artistes office for a first meeting with each other, the Manhunt organizing team and some of the sponsors.
Beam Artistes Managing Director and Manhunt Singapore Organizer Samuel Seow introduced the history of Manhunt Singapore and for what it stands, following which Artiste Manager Kelvin Lee explained the Manhunt pageant process and what our gentlemen were to expect in the next few months. Our 26 gentlemen then introduced themselves briefly in a quick 'getting-to-know-you' round, before body measurements were taken. These are, of course, essential for making sure trunks and clothes fit, and our hunks will be remeasured at various points over the next few months as we can be sure their bodies will change as they put on muscle and get lean.
To their surprise, there was a first photo shoot by Herbert Julian (Ambassador / Founding Member / Fashion Photographer at JUSTPROUD and Founder/Lead Photographer at JWalking Studio Photography), to form a series of 'First Look' photographs, as a sort of Day Zero record, to which we can compare how everyone looks at the end of the Manhunt transformation process. This is a new thing, for in previous years the first look was always the official photoshoots.

So it was that as we all had lunch, they came out one by one to have their photographs taken in the reception area of the Beam office, transformed into a photography studio for a day. Many of our boys were very excited, as this was their first ever shoot by a professional photographer. No coaxing of smiles was needed on this happy occasion, so all those smiles you see in these pictures are entirely genuine and unforced.

What you don't see in these pictures is how the boys were cheering and encouraging each other on as their photographs were being taken, but you can almost feel it in the excitement on their faces.

So, what do you think of this First Look? We expect the final product to be even more awesome as the boys get buff and lean, polished and poised over the next few months. Stay with us!

For more photos, check out the following ManSA album:
Manhunt Singapore 2014 First Look at the Top 26 (08 Mar 2014)

Photo Credits:
Beam Artistes
Herbert Julian
JUSTPROUD (Ambassador / Founding Member / Fashion Photographer)
JWalking Studio Photography (Founder/Lead Photographer)

Monday, 23 June 2014


On three Saturdays in November, December and January, the office of Beam Artistes, normally deserted on Saturdays, became a hub of hot men as selection for Manhunt Singapore 2014 began early this year compared with previous years. Interviews were held in three batches - on Saturday mornings in November and December 2013, as well as in January 2014, with a few solo interviews for those who couldn't make the Saturday slots.

To make the selection process more transparent as well as more exciting, the hopeful applicants had the chance to present themselves before a panel of judges, comprising Mr Samuel Seow, various sponsors and former Manhunt finalists.


In total, some 64 stunningly good looking men tried out for 25 places. This year's crop of men was particularly diverse compared with the applicants from the previous years, for in addition to the usual models and fitness trainers, we had a bird obedience trainer, a baker, a law student, a music teacher, a martial arts instructor, winners of other pageants, winners of singing competitions, a harpist and jewellery-maker, altar-servers, and a number of former national sportsmen. 

We all know Singapore is a small place, but we were reminded just how small when we realised that two of this year's applicants have brothers who took part in the competition in previous years, as well as another who has a past Manhunt winner for a brother-in-law. A bit of healthy sibling rivalry never hurt anyone, and this certainly proves that good looks certainly run in certain families. While we're at it, we found two applicants to be uni classmates in the same course and batch, a clear example of friends encouraging and egging each other on to join and improve.

With the addition of a little video segment, those with performing skills got a chance to show off in front of the panel. Singing, dancing, doing magic tricks, imitating accents, our hopefuls impressed us with a constant stream of entertaining talents. As if that weren't enough, many were eager to show us their YouTube channels where their performing skills could be seen in a fuller form. 

Merely having a handsome face and good physique aren't enough these days, and we wanted to find out their life stories, as well as get a feel of the person behind the pectorals, so to speak. We asked them to tell us about themselves, and did we get interesting stories. One told of a kampung childhood. One told us how he was the victim of horrific school bullying - another was brave enough to admit he was a school bully. Two revealed that they were survivors of life threatening diseases – cancer and tuberculosis. Motivations and paths to fitness were as numerous as the guys - childhood asthma, yo-yo weight, we got to hear it all.

From November to February, our hopefuls waited anxiously for results as the selection panel deliberated over the herculean task of deciding which of the guys would make the cut. We had a tall batch from which to choose, taller than previous years, with the tallest towering at 190cm. Eventually, with much difficulty, 10 seniors were chosen. Even though 15 juniors were planned for, the general standard was so high that 16 juniors were chosen eventually.

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